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October 30, 2014

In our days  social experiment videos or so called public prank videos are getting very popular. In fact Shafmedia was one of the first video production companies in Iraq, who started filming social experiment videos.

In this social experiment video, Shafmedia’s team brought the  ice cream fridge with the most popular famous ice cream brand in Iraq “IcePack”, to the one of the crowded streets of Bagdad.  We set up board with the price for 1 ice cream, and message saying “We trust you” together with the box for collecting money for ice cream.   Team has set up hidden cameras in the location to test how honest people are. People were approaching to the box and getting an ice cream and leaving money for the ice cream in the box. We have seen few one stealing money from the box and some tried to get all ice cream in the box :).

Our social experiment video had more than 2 millions views in the first day of publishing on social media.

A lot of channels, social media pages, website, radio talked about our video and called us for the interview.