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May 21, 2018


The ‘Ward’ Istanbul Street Singers are  all-male a cappella group from Syria.  Ongoing civil war in Syria fled millions of people to Turkey. ‘Ward’ Group performs mostly Arabic songs and their repertoire encompasses several other musical genres, including serenades and pop tunes. Since its founding, Ward has released 10 full-length albums, performed on television and gained numerous of local and foreign fans for its musical talent and ability to entertain.

Ward group contains six members:Ward , Ahmad ,Ali ,Saad ,Hashem and Mohamed. Shafmedia met  “Ward” way back in 2015, when they were performing in Taxim and before they become popular as today. We have found them all members as talented singers and supported this great team by promoting them in social media, shooting short videos and interviews.

Today “Ward” group became one of the best street singers in Istanbul. They perform their concerts traveling all over the Turkey.